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Coffee Run

I told you about the coffee, now let's talk about the trip.

Meet Makenna

 Travel drives my curiosity and creativity. Meeting locals and building lasting friendships broadens my perspective of the world and challenges me to consider how my life changes with every experience. I’m here to share those lessons.

Coffee Run is adding to my original (and still running) blog by giving you a taste of what my journey to the The Perfect Grind consisted of.

Pack a bag. We’re about to take a trip.

My Latest Work

Nice, France

I write a weekly blog about the coffee shops I fall in love with while on the road.  


2020’s quick appearance has me reminiscing about the adventures and friendships that made 2019 an astounding year. London was the most recent one, as most of you know, and the people I met there shaped my personal development. Our last night … Read more


Amsterdam wasn’t the place I thought I’d love the most when I began planning trips. It seemed like a place to touch down for a weekend, scratch the surface and stroll back into London life. I was incorrect. The city of … Read more